Claire Wescott VA

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Who I am

Need someone to be your next bad girl in your project, or your sultry flirt who will break your heart? Perhaps you need an elderly voice or a young child voice. If you can't find an old woman or a young child, consider Claire!

Claire Wescott is an up and coming voice actor with a hard working, dedicated team player mentality who will pull out all the stops to make sure that you have the right takes for your project. 

Claire Wescott has also earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

Why Me?

Do you need LGBT representation in your cast? Claire Wescott identifies as Nonbinary, Agender who is Pansexual.  Their pronouns are they/them. 

Not only are they LGBT, but they are also an adult on the autism spectrum who has been living with the condition since the age of four. If you have a character with autism, cast someone who has autism!